Com’on Spring!

Even though it hasn’t been as bad a winter as last year, I find myself still wishing for spring.
There’s nothing like being outside and puttering in the garden. OK Mr. Groundhog, do your thing for spring!
Have a great 2015 everybody!

Another great year!!

Although this summer wasn’t what I’d call a great summer, we still had a great year. The Garden Girls survived the 40 degree 2 week heat wave and with a few bee stings we are ending another season. Be careful of the burrowing wasps while maintaining your gardens. They are nasty and seem to be getting worse every year.
Thank you to our wonderful customers. Your gardens are spectacular! You’re always invited to drop in to the flower shop in Thornton for all your fresh flowers and gifts this holiday season. See you in the spring!
We will be busy now with Christmas and Wedding flowers, centerpieces, gifts and decor. Stay healthy, happy and safe this winter!


Despite the long cold winter,  this year has been great for gardens.  The Garden Girls are doing a wonderful job in stifling heat and humidity.  We’re trying our very best to get  caught up.  Hang in there!!

Enjoy your summer